1. Build a machine to hit the shuttlecock at a fixed force at different angles
  2. Attach the two rulers together using hot glue and duct tape
  3. Attach the (now attached) rulers to the wooden plank
  4. Mark out the 5 angles (40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°) the shuttlecock has to be, before being hit
  5. Place measuring tape, length of 1 meter, on the ground to calculate the distance the shuttlecock travels
  6. Stick a piece of the cardboard tube onto another ruler (to hold the shuttlecock)
  7. Place the shuttlecock into the cardboard tube holder
  8. Hold the wooden ruler at the correct angle (according to the markings made on the wooden plank)
  9. Get ready the camera on the tripod and start recording
  10. Pull back the metal ruler, then release
  11. Record down the distance travelled by the shuttlecock using the measurement tape

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